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Wellness Screening Tests

Sight threatening diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and others can develop without warning, and have no outward signs or symptoms in early stages. This is why eye exams, including a thorough retinal evaluation, are important to protect vision. In an effort to provide a more thorough eye exam, Acuity Vision & Eyewear Center is now offering screening Retinal Photos and 3D-OCT scans as part of our comprehensive eye exam.

Like an MRI of the eye, but taking only seconds to perform, the 3D-OCT Maestro provides high definition cross sections of your retina and optic nerve which can reveal signs of disease in exquisite detail that are invisible to traditional examination methods.

This unique technology can help detect potentially vision threatening and systemic diseases in their very early stages. It will also provide your doctor with a baseline record of your retinal examination for comparison during future exams.